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The attorneys and special consultants of the Pennington Firm consist of former state legislators, corporate general counsel, executive branch and legislative staffers, government general counsel, and other very experienced professionals who represent a broad array of blue chip clients.

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Howard E. (Gene) Adams, Attorney emailEmail Howard E. (Gene) Adams
Douglas Bell, Shareholder emailEmail Douglas Bell
Samuel P. Bell III, Of Counsel emailEmail Samuel P. Bell III
J. Breck Brannen, Shareholder emailEmail J. Breck Brannen
Gerald Bryant, Attorney emailEmail Gerald Bryant
Matthew Bryant, Attorney emailEmail Matthew Bryant
Barrie Buenaventura, Shareholder emailEmail Barrie Buenaventura
Austin Cattani, Attorney emailEmail Austin Cattani
Donald D. Conn, Shareholder emailEmail Donald D. Conn
Kevin X. Crowley, Retired emailEmail Kevin X. Crowley
Jim DeBeaugrine, Special Consultant* emailEmail Jim DeBeaugrine
Brandice D. Dickson, Shareholder emailEmail Brandice D. Dickson
Cynthia Simmons Fletcher, Attorney emailEmail Cynthia Simmons Fletcher
Robby Freeborn-Scott, Special Consultant* emailEmail Robby Freeborn-Scott
Marnie George, Special Consultant* emailEmail Marnie George
Mallory Harrell, Attorney emailEmail Mallory Harrell
Michael Harrell, Special Consultant* emailEmail Michael Harrell
Monica Hernandez, Attorney emailEmail Monica Hernandez
Chad Hess, Attorney emailEmail Chad Hess
William Horgan, Shareholder emailEmail William Horgan
J. Wiley Horton, Shareholder emailEmail J. Wiley Horton
William Hughes III, 1959 - 2014, Shareholder emailEmail William Hughes III, 1959 - 2014
Kory J. Ickler, Shareholder emailEmail Kory J. Ickler
Shirley F. Kerns, Special Consultant* emailEmail Shirley F. Kerns
Gerald S. Livingston, Shareholder emailEmail Gerald S. Livingston
Adrienne C. Love, Shareholder emailEmail Adrienne C. Love
Edgar M. Moore, Retired emailEmail Edgar M. Moore
E. Murray Moore, Jr., Shareholder emailEmail E. Murray Moore, Jr.
Brian A. Newman, Shareholder emailEmail Brian A. Newman
Jacquelyn L. Newman, Attorney emailEmail Jacquelyn L. Newman
Christian F. O'Ryan, Shareholder emailEmail Christian F. O'Ryan
Kara Ottervanger, Attorney emailEmail Kara Ottervanger
Christy Pardieck, Shareholder emailEmail Christy Pardieck
John C. Pelham, Jr., Shareholder emailEmail John C. Pelham, Jr.
Carl R. Pennington, Jr., Of Counsel emailEmail Carl R. Pennington, Jr.
Steven M. Puritz, Shareholder emailEmail Steven M. Puritz
R. Terry Rigsby, Shareholder emailEmail R. Terry Rigsby
J. Steven Roddenberry, Special Consultant* emailEmail J. Steven Roddenberry
Susan K. Spurgeon, Shareholder emailEmail Susan K. Spurgeon
Timothy Stanfield, Special Consultant* emailEmail Timothy Stanfield
Michael J. Thomas, Shareholder emailEmail Michael J. Thomas
Cynthia S. Tunnicliff, Shareholder emailEmail Cynthia S. Tunnicliff
Cathi C. Wilkinson, Of Counsel emailEmail Cathi C. Wilkinson
Ben H. Wilkinson, Of Counsel emailEmail Ben H. Wilkinson
Stacy Yates, Partner emailEmail Stacy Yates
Julius J. Zschau, Attorney emailEmail Julius J. Zschau

Pennington, P.A. Supports the 2014 Guardian ad Litem Holiday Gift Drive

December 17, 2014

Pennington, P.A. is proud to announce its participation in the 2014 Guardian ad Litem Holiday Gift Drive. Led by two of its employees, Marilyn Long...


Pennington P.A. Grieves Untimely Death of Respected Law Partner

November 20, 2014

We mourn the loss of our dear friend, William Henry Hughes, III.  Billy was a loving and devoted father, son, and brother.  He is survived...


Tim Stanfield Joins Insurance and Legislative Practice

November 20, 2014

TALLAHASSEE……Tim Stanfield joins veteran lobbyists Doug Bell, Mike Harrell, Jim DeBeaugrine, Marnie George, Gene Adams, and Steve...